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Christmas Presents after 40 Years!

I love that Robert got me a jack hammer for Christmas! It's hilarious - but dear. First, it shows that he listens - I've been complaining about the ground in the backyard all fall. Second, it shows that he supports my passion - gardening, even though it's not his passion. And last, even though it's a very practical present, who needs jewelry or clothes during Covid? A jack hammer is exactly the right gift. I only hope that I can work it!

And that brings me to the gadget problem. Robert is completely handy, and also completely tech savvy. I'm neither. So when I get gifts that tend toward handiness or techiness - I need a little time to adjust. For example, Robert prepared my son-in-law to provide me with a tutorial on the gimbal (for the iPhone) on Christmas Day -- but I was simply too exhausted and overwhelmed to engage. So I had to put off my tutorial. In my defense, I practically taught myself iMovie for the videos that I do, so when I put my mind to it - I can get it done -- but it's sometimes a slow process.

Robert on the other hand, was out in the yard cutting down trees the minute that he opened the chainsaw. And early the next morning he had figured out the weather station and was on the roof installing it. He's hard to keep up with. Meanwhile, I was undecorating the house! Someone has to do it!

We all have our strengths and gifts in life. And I am lucky that the gifts that Robert and I have complement each other so well. I don't think I ever imagined 40 years ago that I would be receiving a jack hammer for Christmas and gifting a chainsaw. But I couldn't be happier. It was a lovely, lovely Christmas with my buddy.

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Dec 28, 2020

Jill, two friends of mine in Athens, Ga gave each other some interesting gifts. He gave her a chainsaw;she gave him a blender. Each knew what the other wanted, not what stereotypes decreed. Happy Holidays. Stay safe.

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