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Christmas in the Garden!

When I was growing up in North Hollywood, we always had the best Christmas decorations on Kittridge Street. My dad would climb on the roof and install lights on all the roof peaks and then he would stuff a big fat Santa coming out if the chimney on the roof top! At the time I just loved it but had no idea how much work it was...but I do now! And I appreciate it all the more. God bless him.

But we weren't the most decorated house in the neighborhood. There was a man who lived a few streets away...maybe on Denny St. or Riverton St., near our home (Tammie or Debbie do you remember?) and his house was a Christmas wonderland. There was a Santa's Workshop all lit up, and great big sparkling ornaments (just dozens of them) on every tree in the yard. There was lots more that I can't remember, but I do recall standing in the December night with my parents, and enjoying the sight.

In retrospect, his display would probably be considered pretty tame by today's standards, with all the Christmas light competitions, and inflatable decorations around these days. But for me, it is a really sweet memory. And I cherish it.

I hope that my front garden gives someone the same kind of joy that those generous neighbors gave me when I was a little girl.


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