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Choosing Flower Girl Dresses for the Wedding !

What a fun day with my Julia. Planning for a wedding takes all kinds of shopping!

And Flower Girl shopping is one of the most fun! We will have to get dress approval from the flower girl moms, of course, but it's the bride who has to make the first decision.

Julia's two flower girls will be my two granddaughters, Julia's two nieces: Abby & Cora. I think it will be so special to see them in their finery at the wedding. We hope that they will precede the bride down the aisle, we'll see how that might go. Whatever happens, they will be a delight to see.

Lots of the dresses were very frilly, beautiful pastel confections. Those might be possibilities. There were also some classic dresses, with bows, and hearts, or sparkles. Honestly, I think the only decision that Julia really made is that white is probably not her first choice for color. We can't really know what size the girls will wear until closer to the wedding in October, so this was just a look and see to determine what is possible for the little ones.

I'm going to enjoy every moment of this. The joy of a lifetime.


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