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Blog Alert: Taking a Week Off!

I haven't taken a whole week off since I began my blog on June 23, 2020. That's 645 videos of Everyday with Jill. And we've had such a good time together! I plan to just keep on posting ... because I enjoy it - and I have met so many wonderful people through my blog.

My purpose as I began was to bring some cheer, to provide sometimes useful information, but always to be a respite from the dark and difficult times that we endured through Covid, traumatic elections, and even personal tragedies.

I began my blog a month after my retirement from my job as a professor at Loyola Marymount University. I enjoyed my career in education very much, and despite the fact that it was time for me to leave, as I transitioned into retirement and also into a Covid lockdown, I found the blog a source of solace for myself and for others as well.

When I began the blog I had one married daughter, (of three), and no grandchildren. Today I have three married daughters, and 2 (plus another soon to be) grandchildren -- and it is such a different life. An even more joyous one.

Each phase of my life has been a blessing in a different way. Parenting, career, grandparenting.

And I feel even more blessed to have you join me on the journey. I have always believed that life is better shared.


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