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Beginning the Fall Color!

The more I look at the flower border in its current state - the more I love it. It took a while to get here -- and I know that things will change rapidly as we move toward fall -- but I am going to savor each day.

Today one of my neighbors told me that the border inspired him --- and I took that as a compliment. Passing on beauty to other gardens by example is a good thing. More joy all around!

One of my friends is in England right now doing a WALKING tour across the country. Can you imagine? What fun that must be! But also very adventurous. She told us today (on a zoom call) that she was taking video of gardens as she explored. She said that English gardens are so lovely, so well manicured, and well loved. England does have such a lovely gardening tradition.

I am hoping that she will share with me some of her garden videos -- so I can share them with you. England in the late summer! How delightful!!! Passing on the beauty in English gardens -- to us!!! Can't wait!

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