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Baptism Celebration!

I can't count the number of parties that I've had in our little backyard. I cherish all those memories, and I'm glad to continue the tradition with our grandchildren.

And what's a more important party than a baptism party! I was very happy with the catering from Stone Fire Grill. The caterers were so professional and accommodating. And the food was delicious! We had barbecue tri-tip, lemon chicken, garden salad, baked beans, mashed potatoes, buttered bread sticks, and pasta marinara. Yum!

There were 4 combined families here because we baptized four babies - and that was a delight as well - to have all of the grandparents, and parents with their little ones all together. People mingled, and ate, and swam on their own schedule...and we had a little program at the end where we showed a little baptism video of the babies and their parents. Then we asked people to share family stories that they would want to pass down to their children. That was very special.

The only drawback was that it was hot as hades, but we soldiered through, and ducked into the air conditioned house when required.

Parties in the favorite summer thing!!!


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