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Babysitting Abby!

Phew. What a day! The morning was final cleaning of Jackie and Matt's apartment while I babysat Abby, then a quick clean of our lodgings in Berkeley (such a beautiful Airbnb), and then packing the cars and driving the 6+ hours south to Los Angeles!

Abby was a trooper. She was dear throughout the day, even though everything was unfamiliar, even her babysitter! She's a pandemic baby, so because of quarantine, she really hasn't been out much, and has interacted with very few people besides her parents.

When we first arrived in Berkeley several months ago, she would "give us the lip"; that is, stick out her bottom lip and start to cry, because we were unfamiliar to her. She had healthy stranger danger! The last few trips, she has been better, no lip, and we are happy to now to be part of the inner circle.

So the little family is now ensconced in our guest house in the backyard, and we are grateful tonight for them, for their willingness to share their lives with us, and for Abby, who we love so much.

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Elaine Diamond
May 26, 2021

This is a major move and transition for everyone -- I thought it was just a few days' vacation for your daughter and her family at your house in LA, but see now that it's permanent, at least for now. Baby Abby is a sweetie..enjoy!! (and rest whenever you can....😊)

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