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Aurora Ice Museum!

I didn't know what to expect in the Ice Museum...but I knew it would be cold. And I wasn't wrong about that! But there was so much sparkle everywhere that I almost didn't mind! Although it was difficult to take pictures with my hand exposed to the cold.

In fact, that was true almost everywhere we were, especially when we were trying to photograph the Aurora. The hands have more surface area, and they just don't warm up once they get cold. We had those heated hand pacs, and they worked pretty well, but it was still pretty cold.

I found it hard to believe that people actually got married in the Ice Museum -- You'd have to wear fur to be comfortable! And people also camp in there overnight for a fee. You would need some pretty serious sleeping bags to make it through the night!

I really wanted to by a drink at the bar, but they wouldn't sell me a non-alcoholic drink (because they all freeze immediately) So it was Apple-tinis or nothing! I was glad that my friends Sandy and Jim were able to enjoy the delights of the Aurora Bar! AND the martinis were all in sculpted ice glasses -- that you could keep! That was the funny part!

How long does an ice glass last out side of the Aurora Ice Museum? I guess I will never know!!!!


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