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Annular Eclipse 2023

It was a busy Saturday! An eclipse AND the Pumpkin Patch with the granddaughters! Robert is an amateur astronomer, AND, an amateur photographer, so this day was one of his favorites!

Some of the first photos were taken from our backyard. He just pointed the camera upwards, because, of course, you can NOT look at the sun. Then later, we had a date at the Pumpkin Patch with our grands, which is also a mandatory camera event!

However, when Robert took photos at the Pumpkin Patch, he did not know that the power lines would be in the frame. I think they make the shot all that more interesting and not being able to look at the subject, in this case, paid off!

The next day, my husband, Robert, received those special images from one of his readers. I don't know what type of camera that his reader used, but those pictures are spectacular! The photographer, Robert Grenader, said that it was great fun to take pictures with other eclipse watchers on Johnson Field at the University of New Mexico. He said that the crowd went wild at the moment of totality. I believe it!

When Robert and I saw the Total Eclipse in 2017 in Salem, Oregon -- it was a breathtaking sight. And the crowd was awed and quite emotional. I remember actually crying, I was so moved. Robert and I are looking forward to viewing the total eclipse in April 2024 in Texas.

All to say, that it was a special day. And Robert was exhausted by the end. Taking pictures of his granddaughters AND the eclipse...that's quite a lot! PLUS he made sure that everyone at the Pumpkin Patch knew there was an eclipse, and that they could view it with his eclipse glasses! All were very excited, and very grateful to Mr. Hubbell, for his enthusiasm. And, thanks to my daughter Jennifer, and her husband Biff, for providing the eclipse glasses!

Special thanks to Robert Grenader for his terrific photos! Star Shutterbug!

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