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A Wander in the Winter Vegetable Garden!

I'm trying not to be...but I am a little disappointed in my winter garden. Here's some of the reasons why I think that things didn't exactly turn out the way that I had hoped.

1) I never really properly noticed how the sun fades from my garden in the winter. In the spring and summer it gets sun almost all day. But in the winter, it's in the shade until almost noon, and then by 5:00, the sun is gone. And, the sun is so much weaker, a pale yellow orb instead of the blazing hot star that appears in the growing season. I'm pretty sure that made a big difference for all the veggies.

2) As I said in the video, I didn't properly time the maturity date of the vegetables. I think by now most of them should be fully mature, but I don't really know for sure, because I haven't checked the planting date, or the maturity date for any of them. What kind of a gardener am I?

3) I'm not entirely sure that the watering has been consistent. I do have a watering system, but sometimes the gardeners accidentally cut the lines -- and that happened more than once this past season. Argh.

Honestly, I really don't know - it's probably a combination of all 3. But, let's look on the bright side,

1) I know for sure that I have lovely Batavan lettuce, purple carrots, unexpected scallions, and a few broccoli sprouts - enough for one meal at least!

2) There's still a chance that more things might grow...if I give them some time.

3) I've enjoyed the view of my winter garden much more than the bare soil that normally resides there during the off season. So much green!

That's what's great about gardening. It's always an experiment. And always a surprise. I bet my winter garden has a few more surprises in store for me yet!

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Dec 30, 2020

Jill, don’t give up on beet GREENS. They make a good pesto as well as a good garlicky green. As always your transparency is totally wonderful. So many garden blogs are only about success and real gardeners feel diminished. You give everyone hope.

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