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A Trip to the Zoo

I haven't been to the zoo in forever. You can probably tell from my reactions to all of the animals. It was such fun, but it also heightened my awareness about he fragility of their existence. And then I felt grateful to Betty White for all that she has done for our Los Angeles Zoo.

Ok. I'm overthinking it. Maybe. But bottom line - we had a zooper time -- and it was great fun to see Abby enjoy the zoo as well.

Favorite Animal: Flamingoes!

Scariest Animal: Cheetah!

Most Disrespectful: Gorilla!

Most Amazing: Rhinoceros!

Cutest: Baby Giraffe!

Haughtiest: Peacock!

Laziest: Lion

Funniest: Orangutans!

We couldn't stay too long - so that gives me reason to visit again really soon! Can't wait!


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