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A Tour of Edith Wharton's Home!

The best thing about touring Edith Wharton's home is that we were accompanied by one of my favorite people. A while back, before Covid, and before grandchildren, a young man named Brandon stayed with us, and lived in our guest house for a time. It was a delight for Robert and me, because he became the son we never had, and we have always cherished that time, even though Brandon now lives on the east coast, and we don't see him very often.

We spent time with him in the Berkshires, and it was fun reminiscing and making new memories at Edith Wharton's home. We would have never gone to visit Wharton's home if it wasn't for Brandon - so credit to him for this lovely tour.

Wharton was a feminist before her time. Even though she only lived in this house for 10 years or so, it has her imprint, and has been carefully conserved so that it reflects her choices, and her intentions for the decor and furnishings. Grateful to those who had the vision to refurbish and care for this beautiful place.

And thanks again Brandon!


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