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A Spring Fling at Roger's Gardens!

Weekends almost don't seem like weekends anymore, partially because the quarantine has changed everything, and partially because Robert and I are beginning our retirement.

So, I insist on an excursion on the weekend, or a special TV viewing, or a dinner splurge -- something to differentiate the weekend from the weekday.

When I asked Robert what he wanted to do this weekend, he said, "What do you want to do?" Smart Man! We're still doing outside activities only -- so nurseries are perfect for that!

We headed to Rogers' Gardens, and had other plans to visit friends later, but the traffic was so bad (that happens in Southern California) that we couldn't make it. So we had to sacrifice the visit to our friends' house.

But the day was success for many reasons:

*We marked the weekend!

*We left the house!

*We saw beautiful flowers, and people enjoying them!

*I got a Barbra Streisand Rose! (ON THE DAY OF HER BIRTHDAY NO LESS!!!!)

*I spent time with my favorite person!

A Wonderful Spring Fling!


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