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A Garden Tour of my Late July Plantings: Six Things that I Learned

Six Things I Learned from my Late July Planting…

1) Plant Thinned Sprouts

When I had to thin my Sunflower seedlings, I hated to throw them away – and I had quite a few! So, I planted them that day, put little popsicle sticks next to them for support, and watered daily. And guess what? Of the 10 that I transplanted 8 of them are thriving! They are much smaller than the first seeds, but they’re growing, and if I can keep them healthy in this 100 degree heat – I think they are going to rival the original seeds I planted. Hooray!

2) Be Patient with Pumpkins

I’ve never grown a pumpkin, though I’ve tried. But…OMG, OMG, OMG…after I made today’s video, I think I saw a little pumpkin growing on one of the vines!!!!!! I am literally squealing.

I hope he makes it! But my pumpkin vines are huge, and it’s been a while that they have been flowering, so I was getting ready to be disappointed again this year…until today! So be patient, those little pollinators will do their job.

3) Zinnias Rock

I’ve also never grown zinnias from seed – but I did this year! And even this late in the season, they came up like little troopers, green and gorgeous and are ready to flower in the most difficult part of the season. I have to remember this for next year!

4) Purple Bells are Sensitive

I planted a yellow and a purple bell pepper late in the season. The yellow bell is doing well, and seems happy. But while the purple bell has had several large bell peppers on it, all of them have gotten “burned” from the sun before I could harvest them. I’m thinking of making a little shade pavilion for her!

5) Second Planting of Tomatoes in Zone 10 = Good Idea!

My “Sweet Million” cherry tomato plant has started to fruit and ripen. And while still small, I think that it will continue to fruit, and provide a good crop later into the summer. This was my plan all along – because the other spring plant tomatoes are at the very end of their life, and won’t be producing for much longer.

6) Cosmos are Reliable

I planted several types of cosmos around the garden in some of the bare spots, hoping to provide some color late in the season, as most of the flowering will be over soon. And even though I planted them late they are sprouting up everywhere, even in places that I didn’t plant them – because I think the wind blew them around the garden! How lucky!

Planting in the garden is a puzzle. It’s a mix of timing, cooperative weather, and responsive plants. And success is never certain. But that’s what makes it so exciting, and so satisfying. If I really get a pumpkin this year, I will feel like I have won an Oscar!

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13. Aug. 2020

Today I received the information that the first member of my Master Gardener class has succumbed to the virus. Your video with its gentle enthusiasm helped me stop sobbing for at least a moment. Thank you,Jill.

Gefällt mir

Karen Bracco
Karen Bracco
13. Aug. 2020

Once again, an informative and charming narrative on your garden! Thanks for sharing.

Gefällt mir
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