• Jill

A Fourth of July Visitor

This little guy was partying on our outdoor dining table this Fourth of July. My family thought I had lost my mind when I was so intently trying to get a picture – they worried that I was photographing a common house fly! But look at this little critter – he is dressed for success! He is a Small Milkweed Bug. His orange and black markings with the white borders are eye catching, almost like an abstract work of art! I even see a heart hidden in the design between his wings. This creature is about 1/2 inch long, and feeds exclusively on seeds produced by the milkweed family. I’m not sure I have any of those in my garden, so he just might be an interloper, looking for a place to hang before his next feast. In general, he’s not harmful to humans or plants unless you’re a milkweed farmer. Milkweed Bugs don’t bite, have no stinger, and don’t carry any disease – so he was just a happy coincidence in my garden and on my dining table. He provided lots of laughs, a challenging photography shoot, and some interesting research! I’m quite pleased he came to visit us this weekend in my backyard garden. He has an open invitation to return any time!