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A Celebratory Weekend!

It was the first Mother's Day for my two oldest daughters...and my 36th! We started out the day with a Family Zoom party! It was lovely to be with all my daughters and granddaughters, such a blessing. Robert bought me two glass frames from Shutterfly of my two new granddaughters, and I put them on the credenza straight away!

Our movie game was fun, created by my youngest daughter, Julia. We had serious discussions about the movie choices in each bracket! Some of them were really difficult. Our family loves all the movies in the brackets -- but we were forced to make hard decisions - and came up with a very surprising choice!

Mother's Day Brunch was always a tradition in my family. My father would buy my mother a lovely orchid corsage, and we would go to Mass, then out to brunch at a restaurant with a view. Sometimes the Castaways in Burbank, sometimes the Sheraton in Universal City, but never just a diner where we might eat on a regular weekday.

That's why I so enjoyed our day today - it reminded me of our little family Mother's Day brunches when I was child. Just the three of us.

Today it was the five of us, lunch out side under the sun, by a lovely fountain, with our newest grandchild. Just perfect.

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Kathleen DE BLOIS
Kathleen DE BLOIS
10 de mai. de 2021

What a sweet day!

Kathy de Blois

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