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World Ice Art Competition! And our last day in Alaska :(

The Ice Art competition was just that -- true art. We were able to see the multi block competition, where sculptures are allowed to merge blocks of ice to create very, very large installations.

Looking back at my photos now, I am disappointed that I didn't take more pictures, but my hands were so cold that I couldn't get them out of my pocket to use the iphone camera!

Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the winning ice sculpture, which was entitled "White Friday" and depicted the tragic day in the Austrian Alps from World War I where an avalanche killed 10,000 soldiers. Can you imagine -- done in ice? It's like a 3-D J.W. Turner painting!

However, the picture I did take give you an idea of how spectacular the artistry was. Not just creating, but engineering the materials for balance, and visual appeal. Really, quite amazing!

There were also lots of fun things to do and see -- sparkly lights, several ice ramps for sledding, and game playing too.

We ended the evening at a well known historic restaurant, "The Pump House" for our last night together in Alaska.

A delightful trip, with delightful companions. Thanks for following along on our journey!


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