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Winter Seedlings: Successes and Failures!

First of all, I look like a cockatoo. I thought I looked pretty smart from the front - but when you can see your hair from the back, it's not pretty. And here's the other more hilarious thing. I had to spend hours editing this video because the angle from which I shot the video -- mostly just recorded my chest.

Yup. Every video shot was 10 % plant, and 90% Jill's chest. Robert thought this was absolutely hilarious. He kept asking me how the video was going...because he thought it was so funny. I, on the other hand, was completely frustrated because it caused me so much extra work. I had to edit every single frame so that the video showed plants and NOT just Jill's chest.

I certainly learned a big lesson. Robert said the lesson was "wear a different top." But that's not exactly right. I really learned a lot about camera angle, and where to stand!!!! I don't think it would hurt to wear a different top, though.

I learned a couple other things too -- gardening things...

1) Use pruning shears to cut plants out of containers for transplanting!!!

2) Don't underestimate nasturtium seeds. One of my readers cautioned me that winter sowing my nasturtium seeds might be difficult because they're quite hard. That's certainly true. So I didn't have great expectations for them...but lo and behold...they were very accommodating and showed up in record time!

3) Milkweed...what's up with that? Need advice.

4) Move to California if you want to garden all year long!

Honestly, I'm not sure my winter sowing was actually winter sowing. The weather has been so clement here that the seeds have germinated pretty easily and quite quickly even though it is winter. Whatever magic it is, it's been fun watching things grow!


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