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Weekend Doings!

We aren't traveling right now because of Covid - and because we are caring for our little granddaughters. But we are making plans to do so!

However, in the meantime, we are taking small vacays around our neighborhood, and having friends for dinner in the backyard.

I think the most fun trip this weekend was to the bookstore.

When my children were growing up, there was a bookstore walking distance from our home, and we spent so many happy hours just browsing the stacks. Lucky for us, all of our daughters were book worms, and so I know we also spent lots of dollars there as well. But it was completely worth it.

Conversations over dinner about their recent reads, rushing to get the newest Harry Potter, easy access to summer reading, and attending the fun book launches, there was no end to the benefits of having a book store near.

Visiting the book store this weekend brought back all of those wonderful memories. I can only hope that my granddaughters get to enjoy book stores as well...and become book worms too!


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