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Wedding Part 2: Saying "I Do!"

The nuptials of Julia and Dan were so powerful for us and for those who attended the service. The bride and groom were so earnest, and so committed to this day, and it showed. It was an inspiration for everyone.

I, of course, took very few photos, and no video, so most of the content for this vlog is from friends or our professional photographer. Julia and Dan did not want a videographer, so we asked a friend to just take a little video to mark the moment -- and it turned out beautifully.

And there is simply nothing to say about the flower girls. They were perfect and precious in every way.

I am still processing all of the wonderful memories, so I am sure to have more to say in future posts. But this video took me a lot longer than I expected because I wanted it to be just right for the newlyweds, to be a memory box of their beautiful day.


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