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Wedding Memories...and the 40 Years that followed!

There are lots of happy memories from our wedding day -- but some wedding bloopers as well...

First, the Catholic Church requires pre-marriage counseling before the sacrament. So we dutifully signed up and attended sessions with the parish priest at St. Patrick's at the time. The content of the counseling focused on conversations around relationship, finances, and, spiritual life. When the priest discussed the financial aspect with us, Robert indicated that we would be a two income family, because I intended to work during our marriage. The priest was aghast, and told us that, if the wife worked during a marriage it was doomed to failure. Well, I guess we proved him wrong!

Second, Robert chose to wear a white tuxedo for our wedding, and he looked so handsome! However, never having worn a tuxedo before, no one told him about the finer points of accessorizing. So he wore white patent leather shoes (gorgeous) and BLACK socks! This might not have been a problem, except that during the Catholic ceremony, the bride and groom kneel at the altar during part of the when Robert knelt, everything was white EXCEPT his socks -- and everyone could see! We heard twitters from the congregation, and only later found out the reason! A very funny memory!

Last, the vow part of our ceremony did not go as smoothly as we (or I) would have liked. The priest recited the words that we were to repeat, and we had practiced the night before, so we felt prepared. However, emotions were high, and there was just one little glitch. When the priest asked Robert, "Do you promise to love, honor, and cherish all the days of your life?" Robert answered, "I will." Now, I don't want to be picky -- but I was an English teacher for 25 years. "I will" is NOT the same thing as "I do." So I have teased him about that for the last 40 years -- laughing all the way.

It all goes to show that every beautiful wedding will have its missteps, but it is certainly no predictor of the outcome of the decision made that day.

We're the best example of that. Forty Years and Counting!

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