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Wedding Memories ❤️

Five things about this video.

  1. Every time I have rewatched it - I have cried. Robert was so sweet to buy this for me. But I didn't ask him to buy it. When I showed it to him, he said,"well, you have to have that." And so I do.

  2. Our wedding invitation was a little unconventional -- quite bold, and individually silkscreened by our artist friend, with unusual colors that didn't really match our wedding "colors" - but were perfect for the theme of the invite. So we went with it - and everyone thought that we were being very avant garde!

  3. I wish I would have showed you the inside of the mass booklet. It is completely hand typed by my mother -- pages and pages of the mass parts and mass readings. What dear thing.

  4. I am SO MAD that I got the quote wrong. I make a big deal about the quote AND THEN I misquote it. I asked Robert if I should re-do the video (which I almost never do, despite errors and other craziness) and he said that I should leave it the way it is and just add in the correction on the slide. So that's what I did! I'm still mad though.

  5. When I looked at our wedding invitation I was shocked at how simple it was. There was the information about when and where -- and one little card for RSVP. When my first daughter got married, we probably had seven inserts! And now, of course, most invites are digital, with photos and narrative, and so much more. Ah how things have changed.

Remembering our wedding memories is a happy occasion for us. Thank you Robert - for everything. The best is yet to be!


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