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Wedding Day Part 3: Julia and Dan's Fabulous Wedding Reception!

An absolutely perfect night. Weather? Check. Happy Newlyweds? Check. Great food. Check. Delicious Wedding Cake. Check. AND lots of too fun dancing into the night.

But one of the highlights of the evening was sharing the blessed, and joyous event with those that we loved. People who have walked by our side, helped us to raise Julia, and now bore witness to the commitment that she and Dan made to one another.

We are so grateful to them.

So, this is the last of my three daughters to be married. I now have three Sadies, and I couldn't be happier. Though it is a a little bitter sweet, there is great joy knowing that my daughters have found their person, and there is one other human in the world watching over them besides their mom and dad.

But no matter how old they get, or how many children of their own they may have, they will never stop being our girls. Our precious babies who have become grown women with families of their own -- whom we will continue to love with our whole hearts.

Blessings Julia and Dan!


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