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Vintage Baptismal Gowns!

It's been a very busy weekend, so a very brief blog tonight!

Traditions are so important for families and, we feel so blessed that our parents have left us beautiful traditions and ephemera that help us to look back as well as look ahead.

Having my granddaughters wear baptismal gowns that meant so much to our families added a significant layer of meaning to the baptismal ceremony. And they were gorgeous to boot!

A very happy day, indeed.

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Elaine Diamond
Aug 03, 2021

Such a beautiful tradition, and how wonderful that your granddaughters wore those very special vintage baptism dresses that hold so many memories. So many terrific women in your family...your mother, your three daughters and now 2 granddaughters! (I'm sure Robert is happy to be joined by his two sons-in-law!)

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