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Val Pal Day!

Every year, on each holiday, when I open up the holiday bins, I am always surprised about the treasures that I find.

There are treasures for every holiday...but probably the most enduring treasures are the memories that accompany them.

The Valentine's box brought back such fun memories of my colleagues at the girls' high school where I taught for almost 25 years. I mentioned that Tom was the social coordinator for the faculty. What I didn't mention is that I was his assistant. I was always at the ready to help him execute his party plans - which were always so well devised! I can remember the fun Valentine gift exchange, the amazing cream cheese heart on the faculty buffet table, and all the laughter, mostly instigated by Tom. And the Oscar party that he threw each year in the faculty lounge? Amazing (!) -- even though I never won the Oscar pool.

And my friend Amy that I mentioned? She was the best Val Pal ever! You see, Val Pals began early in February, and your Val Pal was encouraged (expected) to secretly put little treats, or notes in your mail box until the big day. And then, on Valentine's there would be a big reveal, and a big surprise from your Val Pal! Amy left me fabulous little treats almost every day in my box, and then at the end, I received that fabulous ceramic heart!

I have to tell you a secret, though. There were some faculty who were less than stellar Val Pals. They would pull a name, and then do nothing until the big day. And then, they might bring you a Snickers bar at the big reveal. I have to admit I was a great Val Pal some years, and others, maybe not so much. You never know what is happening in people's lives so...when my Val Pal fell down on the job, I was always polite, enjoyed the Snickers, and waited until the next year when I hoped for a Val Pal able to be more devoted to the cause!

And there was never a better Val Pal than Amy! Such fond memories!


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