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Vacay Reads!

Who am I kidding? I will be lucky to get through one of these books on our vacay. I think we are going to be either very busy or very tired. Also, I am going to have to buy a little book light if we are to be on a dark bus for 8 hours!!!

One of our friends recently said, "Who buys books any more anyways?" Yikes! I do! Though I know there are other ways to consume literature, my preferred choice is a real book! Maybe I'll change my mind one day, but for now, a book is my comfort zone. I spend enough time in front of screens each day, I don't really want to use a screen for my pleasure reading as well.

Also, because I know readers look carefully at my backgrounds, I am going to explain this before someone asks!

You can clearly see on top of my jewelry armoire behind me, I have a box that says "Zio." ( I should have removed it! But since I didn't, I was too lazy to redo the entire video! ) The Zio box is the container for a Zio patch, which I am currently wearing. A Zio patch is a heart monitor that records your heart activity over the course of several days or weeks. Because I have Atrial Fibrillation, my cardiologist requires me to wear one generally once a year to make sure that my perception of my heart activity matches the reality of my heart activity. It's a little annoying, because it is attached to my chest with actual tape! But I mostly don't pay it much mind, and I can shower and go about my every day chores without obstruction. So, that's what's going on! Luckily, I will be able to remove it the day before we leave for Alaska!

Can't wait to start reading tonight!


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