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Unusual Beauties in My Garden

It's a late night - so this will be short! We are wrapping up the packing for Jackie and Matt, and it's been a long day!

The things that I am showing in my garden today make me particularly happy because they surprised me! Several of them were quarantine purchases that I just kept planting in the ground in the hopes that they would grow, despite their penchant for trying to head out!

I'm particularly excited about the Bonfire Euphorbia. I think I mentioned before that I purchased this because one of my early quarantine television series binges was "Midsomer Murder", a BBC production. In it, they often feature English gardens and countrysides. In one particular episode the protagonist mentioned the gorgeous euphorbia plant -- which I had never heard of -- so I immediately googled it and ordered!

There's all kinds of euphorbia, but I love the name of mine -- "Bonfire" -- I'm thinking that come fall there will be some blazes in my garden!

Tomorrow is moving day! Wish us luck!


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