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Underwood Christmas Farm!

This was such a fun activity for our granddaughter Cora, and for us! I had heard a lot about Underwood Farms from friends, all of whom gave it rave reviews. So, I had high expectations - and I think they were met!

It reminded me little of the parish carnivals that Robert and I grew up with - lots of fun activity booths where you could win prizes, and then some big ticket items as well -- slides, tractor rides, and panning for gold! I can tell that Cora and Abby will enjoy this more each year that they grow because there's lots of activities for all ages. But it's not overwhelming like an Amusement Park, it's just the right size for our little ones right now.

We especially enjoyed the food truck with the home made mini donuts, and the Christmas boutique - I'm always up for that!

Looking forward to lots more visits!


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