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Trick or Treat!

This is Halloween! We had about 200 kidlets of all ages come by our house. (We ran out of candy!) They were all well-behaved, said thank you, and were very complimentary about our decorations. We had a fogger, that I activated when trick or treaters came up to the treat table, and lots of them got scared by the sudden burst of fog! Even parents! Funny!

We had lots of fun with our granddaughters too -- they came by to trick or treat, and though they are really too little for treating, they were the most adorable trick or treaters we saw all night. Little Abby was Blue (a blue dog with blue spots from a popular kid's television show) and Baby Cora was a Fox. Just too cute for words.

So another Halloween in the books. I sometimes wonder how long we will be able to do this. It's pretty labor intensive! But I guess we'll do it until we can't anymore - because we enjoy it as much as the trick or treaters!


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