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Travel Tog Shopping!

I think I figured it out. Here it is.

  1. I'm 67. I'm NOT Bloomingdale's target audience.

  2. I'm 67. Jean companies are not making jeans and do not want to make jeans for 67 year old bodies.

  3. I'm 67. I don't understand current fashion trends (i.e. ripped jeans)

  4. I'm 67. $200.00 for a pair of jeans. What?

  5. I'm 67. But I don't feel 67. In my head, I should be shopping at Bloomingdale's like I've always done. But I think it may be time to find another option.

This is so depressing. I bought my last pair of jeans from Tractor Supply in Bakersfield for $50.00! They probably look exactly like the ones I just bought at Bloomingdales. But come on. A person has some pride. I don't want to go to a nice event wearing Tractor supply jeans! I'll feel better even if the only difference is that I paid more.

Getting older is rough.

Robert and I drowned our sorrows at the Food Court.


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