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Things That Make My Heart Glad

Reasons for the heart to be glad are everywhere. As we waited for our date with the most beautiful bloom in our garden (Baby Abby!), I found so many things that made the waiting easier!

In the early morning I saw the most incredible cactus, mostly untended, with an extraordinary bloom. Actually, the bloom looked very much like the rare blooms on my night blooming cereus. But it flowered atop a scraggly, browning, tall stemmed prickly cactus. Out of the darkness, light.

And then in the afternoon, as we drove up to our residence, I noticed that the unremarkable tree in the corner of the driveway, had surprises hidden its branches. And as I looked closer, I realized that they were gorgeous, ripe pears. The tree was heavy with fruit. And it wasn’t a youngster either. I think it was the grande dame of the garden, you could tell from the trunk. Proof that only the best things happen with age.

Later in the day, when I looked out the kitchen window, I saw a Japanese maple, ready to get dressed in its autumn colors. It was a beautiful sight – and as Wordsworth so aptly said, “My heart leaps up” to see such beauty – and sculpture in the garden. I’m definitely planting one in my garden when I get home!

A trio of delights. And the day hadn’t really begun because we had yet to see Abigail. (More pictures in the video!)

Today when we visited, Robert and I got to stare at her for at least 15 minutes, and then I held her! But the funniest thing that happens, is the conversation that takes place every time we see her. First, we all have to report how perfect she is. Then, we decide who she looks like. (Yesterday it was Jackie, today it was Matt.) After that, we discuss the color of her hair, the sound of her voice, how much she has eaten, how much she hasn’t eaten, if she has Jackie’s nose…you get the idea. And it all feels perfectly normal to be completely and totally focused on this tiny human being. Her parents are so generous to us, so loving to her.

It is no wonder that the day ended with our gladdest heart of all.

Thank you all so much, dear readers, for the beautiful well wishes on our new role in life. It is a sacred duty – and the most fun job we’ve ever had. We are loving being grandparents!


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