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The Tilden Carousel and Our Abby

Leaving Baby Abby, our first grandchild, in Berkeley was very difficult. I cried. A lot.

But one of the things that I thought might help me feel better was to dream about all the things that I hope to do with her in our upcoming visits.

There’s so many competing interests for children’s time these days. And most of them include a screen. I know that her parents will make sure that she grows up with lots of wholesome activities, and less screen time – but I’m going to be in charge of gardening time.

I can’t wait to show her the sunflowers in late summer, the lemons on my mom’s tree, the night blooming cereus, the lavender drifts in early spring – and the irises! She will love the irises.

And when she gets old enough to garden with me, I’ll buy her her own special gardening gloves and shovel. And we will get dirty, and dig, and have mud all over our jeans. And we won’t care one bit. Because gardening is messy, but being close to the earth, and awaiting the treasures that come brings such joy…but the greatest joy of all will be…spending time with Abby.


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