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The Screaming Goat

Oy. The Senate Judiciary Committee hearings have been excruciating to watch, to listen to, even to think about. However, I am proud to be a woman today because of the calm, dignified, intelligent responses of Ketanji Brown Jackson. Thank God for people like her.

However, coping with the outrageous behavior of some of the senators on the committee is another thing. Screaming helps. Or maybe even a screaming surrogate.

I'm going to take the high road and revel in the beauty, and dignity of Judge Jackson. I found this today, and it spoke to me.

I see you. I see your patience in the face of abject ignorance. I see your poise in the presence of shameless hypocrisy. I see your brilliance in the space of those who wish to diminish you. I see you…and that smile. I see it, all of it and the complete frustration hiding behind it, knowing full well you are more intelligent, more moral, and more faithful than many of those questioning you will ever be. I see you, and in you I pray more young women of color see themselves too. You are an inspiration. We see you and know history will too.

Credit to Sapna Singh


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