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The Road to Silver City

The day after the election, Robert and I decided that the best thing to do was to keep busy, and so we made plans to dash up to our mountain cabin to help close the water system. (It's supposed to get to 2 degrees Fahrenheit on Friday). But really, it's not a dash -- it's a slog. And I'm just along for the ride, because I wouldn't be doing any of the "water system" closing. That's a small fraternity of mountain men that do that. But Robert said that if I didn't go with him up to the mountains this trip, I would "pout my pants off!"

That made me laugh. I actually think he's right -- so off we go! It's a long trip, with the last bit very challenging as we travel up the Mineral King Road to Silver City.

I thought it would be fun to take you along for the ride, so you can see how challenging the drive is -- but it is also beautiful, and rejuvenating. Just what we needed.

There's no narration on the video because I took it from the car, and we were listening to an audio book (from the series "Murder She Wrote" inspired by my hero Jessica Fletcher.)

You made need to take a Dramamine for parts of the video -- some parts are like a ride at Coney Island!!

And last, I thought a video of "The Road" would be appropriate for today. It's been a long road, a long four years. We just need to keep climbing!


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