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The Purples!

Today was a beautiful day in the neighborhood! As I was taking video of all my purples, I had two neighbors stop and tell me how much they enjoyed my garden. What a delight!

However, the day did not start in the most delightful way. I went to the eye doctor for a check up in the early morning, and after lots of tests, and eye drops, the doctor finally came in to tell me the results of all of the testing. He looked at the computer screen to review the results, and started sounding panicked. "You're numbers are up by 20 points! This is not good! An increase of 3 points a year is considered acceptable, but at 20 points, we are concerned! We will definitely have to treat you!" I started feeling panicked too. Yikes. What was I in for? What was happening to my vision!

Just when we had both worked ourselves up, one of the medical assistants dashed in without knocking and, rather out of breath said, "It's the wrong chart! You're reading the wrong chart for Jill! This one is from the previous patient!" The doctor told me to erase everything I had just heard, and that he was going to start over and read the correct chart...

Once the doctor read my chart, he told me that my numbers had remained stable, and that I didn't need to come back for 6 months. He then rapidly departed for the next patient, leaving me relieved but traumatized. So traumatized that I am telling you about it now! Nonetheless, it definitely made me count my blessings, but it was a difficult experience for a hypochondriac, I must say.

Ah well. The day also ended in a delightful way. I got to spend time in the garden, I cooked dinner for my husband and my beautiful oldest daughter, and then watched my favorite show in the world, "Murder She Wrote" with my darling Jessica Fletcher.

Definitely a beautiful day in the neighborhood -- just not at the eye doctor!


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