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The Last Boysenberry Harvest

I consider the plants in my garden my friends, and I care for them like my friends. So it's hard to make the decision that I am thinking about.

I've enjoyed my boysenberry plant, even though he hasn't been particularly frutiful, he's always green, and comes back gloriously every year.

But that's kind of the problem. He wants to come back ALL OVER the garden every year. And that doesn't work for me.

PLUS, boysenberry are VERY, VERY prickly. You cannot prune them without heavy gloves, because it hurts! And I have been thinking about my granddaughters -- it would really hurt them if they decided to pick a berry.

On the other hand, I just had an idea...maybe I'll just transplant him to another sunny corner, away from the kidlets! Stay tuned!


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