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The Hollywood Bowl & Sondheim!

The Hollywood Bowl is an iconic Southern California experience. If you haven't must. And the Hollywood Bowl on a warm summer night, with all your favorite Broadway stars, singing all your favorite Broadway songs...there is no joy to compare! In fact, I must admit that I was verklempt much of the time I was enjoying the performance because it was just too, too extraordinary. Patti LuPone singing "The Ladies who Lunch"???? Come on. It doesn't get better than that.

I'm afraid that my video doesn't do justice to the experience. But we were so busy getting to our seats, and enjoying our picnic lunches (with our iridescent blue tumblers!!) that taking pictures just wasn't on the top of mind. There's so much fabulous geography that I didn't show you...the escalators, the box seats, the concourse...but I think I got the gist of it. And of course, we began with the Star Spangled Banner!

A fabulous night, with great company, stunning music. And an evening I'll never forget. Thanks Matt and Jackie!


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