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The Getty Garden! (With Julia & Dan!)

My heart is always in the garden when I go to the Getty - even though I love Van Gogh's beautiful renditions in nature, things that are growing in the ground lift my spirits just as easily.

I will have to take you back during the spring - it's very different, and oh so beautiful. I like to think it looks a little like my garden -- a tiny bit wild, with lots of color, and a variety of plants in every corner.

Days are busy as we ramp up to Christmas - tonight after I finish my blog, I'm going to continue trimming our tree, and then finish the Santa on Cora's new Christmas stocking! Robert is painting the candy canes for the front border, and we are dreaming up new sayings for the North Pole sign we used last year. I'll show you our Christmas front yard soon!

Busy, busy, busy! And so blessed.


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