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The Garden's a Poppin!

This is the exciting part of gardening. When there's lots of promise, and dreams of the harvest to come. Later in the season I will be fighting bugs, worrying about the heat, and trying to figure out just how much to water because of the new DWP restrictions.

But for now, each morning that I go out for a wander, there is something new to see. And like today, there may be something new to taste as well!

Gardening is so much like life in that way. Just hatched dreams can make one giddy, and filled with the glorious anticipation of success. But as the vision wears on, there are inevitable obstacles, and dilemmas that need to be considered and solved for the dream to reach its reality.

The persistent, patient, and canny gardener maybe able to outsmart the bugs, the weather, and the environmental challenges. Or not. For example, I'm on my third try for potatoes -- but that just means that I am willing to persevere, and learn from my mistakes. And be willing to give it a go again. Failure is actually part of the success equation.

At least I've figured that part out! Garden on!


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