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The Garden Drill: Five Star Anniversary Gift!

One of the presents that my husband gave me for my anniversary was a garden

drill. I know it seems like a crazy present, but I love it!

Robert has lots of tools – he is very handy! So we already had the drill part. What he bought me was the drill bit, a large spiral pointed bit that makes holes into the earth, by spiraling deep into the ground.

Here’s my review of my new gardening tool!


How did I ever live without this? Digging deep holes is tough, especially in hard ground. And though I have done it recently, the next day I really paid for it. Ouch! This device so easily creates lovely holes of any size. While the drill bit is only one particular size, if you need a larger hole, you just need to drill multiple holes adjacent to each other. Today I planted a rosemary bush with a base of about 8 inches. I just drilled 2 holes next to each other and presto! I popped the rosemary in, filled with the extra dirt that accumulated from the drilling, watered, and done! Lucky me, too – because even though it was early, it was already 100 degrees! Honestly, I would not have been able to plant this rosemary for several days because I simply could not have expended the energy to dig the deep hole necessary in this incredible heat. This is going to make my life so much easier, and my plants so much happier!


Honestly, I don’t have much negative to say about this tool. The one problem I had, I believe was user error but let me fill you in. When you watch the video you will know what I am talking about. AND DON'T LAUGH!

The first time I used the tool, I did not have my body or feet placed directly above the drill spot. So when I began drilling, the force of the drill didn’t just turn the soil, it turned me around as well! You can see in the video that my arm twisted as the drill twisted because I did not have my feet firmly planted in the correct spot, and I did not exert uniform pressure on the trigger of the drill. At first, I thought that maybe it was just me, because I’m rather, shall we say, delicate, and I believed that my poor grip and inaccurate stance caused the problem. And while I think that this was true, the next day, my husband was helping me and the same thing happened to him. And he’s no weakling! So I think it is an occupational hazard when using this drill. Therefore, just a word of warning about proper use of the drill. Make sure to grip it fully, and stand directly above the spot where you want the hole!

Despite the problems that we had with our initial use, I do not think that this precludes me from giving it 5 stars! (Top rating!) I can now be more self sufficient in the garden, and not shy away from jobs that need lots of digging!

AND 5 stars for my husband’s gift giving abilities too!

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