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The Fish Table!

One of our best and most successful antiquing finds has to be the Fish Table that we now have in our mountain cabin.

On the way to the mountains, there is a very tiny little antique shop called Three River Antiques. We know the proprietor well, and he always has fun things - both big and small. We've found lovely china, fun wall hangings, old fashioned cabinets, and tools --he has just a little of everything.

One day several years ago, we stopped by with no particular agenda, and when I walked in, The Fish Table was just inside the door, and at first, I walked right by it. But as I did a quick tour of the store, I went back, and just stood and looked down. I could see the fish swimming, and the leaves waving under the water. It just looked so realistic. I fell in love.

We took it up to the cabin that day!

It was carved in 1990, and the carver has left his initials in the wood -- but I haven't been able to find out too much about it. I know that Outdoor Stores carry vinyl reproductions, but I haven't seen any originals on Ebay or any place else.

Anyways, every time we stop by Three Rivers Antiques, the owner asks about his Fish Table. Actually, he says that he regret selling it! We are so glad he did!


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