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The Final Harvest!

I actually got a little teary eyed as I talked about the final harvest. But I didn't want to include it because I was worried you would be worried that I was cracking up. I'm not. I'm just really, really sentimental. And it helps me if I honor the things that have to leave by giving them a proper send off.

You should see our storage space. There's lots of things that have yet to have a proper send off. In general, I have a hard time saying good bye to things that have meant something to me. So we have lots and lots of things in storage that I'm still not ready to part with. I tell my husband that it's much cheaper than therapy!!!

Yesterday my daughter Jennifer was pruning her shoe collection - and she said, " I just love these shoes, but I need to give them away, they're so old." I told her, "If you're not emotionally ready to give them away, just keep them until you are ready!" So back they went into the closet, and I think I saw a smile on Jenny's face. So there.

I would say that my garden this year was quite successful. I was more successful with my peppers, and my eggplants were like gangbusters. I never planted onions before and they were great too -- so all in all, a very satisfying season. I learn more every season -- so the next crop will be even better! Always the optimist!

Have a great weekend!


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