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The Christmas Princess!

There is nothing more precious, more beautiful, more hopeful, than a child at Christmas. And when that child is your grandchild, the world seems new again.

It used to be that grandmas would carry around brag books full of pictures to show off their grandchildren. Today, one simply has to pull out one's phone...and there's dozens of pictures to share.

The problem these days is that there is no one to share them with! We're essentially under lockdown, so no ladies lunches for me to show my gorgeous grandchild pictures.

But wait...

You wouldn't mind seeing a few pictures of Cora's first Christmas, would you? Her parents gave me permission to share my brag book with you!

Abby celebrated Christmas with her Nana & Pop Pop in New Jersey - and I can't wait to see Nana's brag book for all of those photos!!!

So thanks for indulging me. I know it will lift your spirits for the New Year!


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