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The Christmas Mantel!

The news has been dispiriting recently, and I have found some solace in planning for the season, decking the halls, and watching movies that lift my heart. I hope that my brief videos and blog can help you do the same. This blog forces me to think outside the headlines, and focus in closely on family, friends, and things that I love. It's a kind of self care -- that I hope you can share in as well.

Christmas is right around the corner, and my presents are waiting to be wrapped, the tree is trimmed, and today the mantel is complete (almost )! I am thinking about retiring the PEACE stocking holders, and replacing them with all snowflake stocking holders -- it would then have a uniform look across the mantle. I'll see how I feel. I'm a little sentimental about our original stocking holders...but change can be good!

Keep your spirits up...enjoy the light of the season...more Christmasing to come!


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