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The Christmas Card Dilemma

I pretty much tell you all you need to know in the vlog -- but here's a few more tidbits.

I think another reason that the Christmas newsletter went by the wayside is that Robert no longer wanted to write it. He was busy keeping his family (and others!) sane and wrote his progressive newsletter every night. He just didn't have enough bologna to write a funny newsletter anymore. And I'm just not the same kind of funny that he is.

Also, I think everyone's life has gotten busier as life has gotten faster. And mail is a rather outdated form of communication in any case, but it's so lovely and personal too. But never fear! I have saved over 10 years of Christmas Cards that were sent to us! I have at least 10 more bags of saved Christmas cards just like the one in the that should help me to cherish the tradition!

Maybe I'll just do a Christmas vlog and send it out to the fifty people whose emails I can find. That's another idea too! Let me know if you have others!


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