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The Cadillac of Mini-Vans!

What a surprise that we ended up with a mini-van! We thought that we would lease another sedan, or maybe an SUV -- but when our salesman Tax showed us the Honda Odyssey, we were sold.

The functionality of the seating, the ease of access to the 3rd row, and the ability to transport both grandchildren AND their parents sealed the deal for us.

There's lots of fun extras, like

* Video screen for the kidless that plays DVDs,or can connect to your phone via ApplePlay

* Back seat microphone, called "CabinTalk" so that the 3rd seat can hear what the driver is saying in the front seat

* Trunk well for lots of storage

*Almost fully reclining seats in the third row for adult napping!

* EIGHT cupholders

* 4 USB charging ports & 4 Head phone jacks in the back seats

* Automatic tailgate opener with just a flick of the foot underneath the trunk

And more!!!

If only it were RED like Robert's truck -- then we would have matching Hondas!

Nonetheless, we are very happy with our new MiniVan, but we are even happier when we have grandchildren in the seats!


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