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The Best Valentine!

I had a very happy childhood. As an only child, I was the apple of my parents' eye, and a cherished little girl. What a gift my parents gave to me - and I am so grateful.

This weekend reminded me of that happiness, in a couple of ways. First, though my parents are certainly responsible for the love and safety of my childhood, there was always someone else who was in my life. And that was Robert.

Because Robert and I met each other in the first grade, and began to be fast friends in the 6th grade (we went steady!), we often say that we raised each other. We have been each other's valentine for a very long time. And I feel grateful for that as well.

And because of this long line of careful, steady, and unconditional devotion, we now have the most beautiful grandchild, who we hope to help raise in the same way. Cherished and loved.

Thank you for a beautiful Valentine's Day Abby!

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