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Thanksgiving Decorating!

Even though Thanksgiving will be different this year, I am still celebrating by being grateful for so many things. And decorating for the holidays keeps my spirits bright, and helps me to feel the gratitude of the season.

One of the things that I like best about the holidays is decorating, though I will decorate for almost any occasion. Now that my daughters have homes of their own, I have scaled back a bit on the decorating activity - but I will always want to have a little festive cheer around the house for special occasions. Some people are very practical, and think this is really all nonsense. Or at least, just more stuff to dust.

But I think that decorating brings a little light and joy to special times, and so I will obstinately continue. I remember visiting my grandparents in South Dakota, one Christmas in their later years. When I found out that they had not planned to get a Christmas tree - I was aghast! How possible? I understand that dragging everything out and putting it back is an awful lot of trouble -- but I think it's worth it. It's ok if others don't, but I can assure you that the Christmas I visited my grandparents we had a Christmas tree! I did all the decorating and was happy to do it -- and it was a memorable and sparkly Christmas. Such fond memories.

We may not be here at home for Thanksgiving , and because of Covid, I won't be able to be with all my daughters for the holiday, as we usually do. We may try to visit Baby Abby in Berkeley, though, which is a blessing - so I will be gearing up -- baking, cooking ahead, shopping and packing. And having a little bit of Thanksgiving festivity in the kitchen will be just the thing to keep my spirits light as I plan for a different kind of Thanksgiving.


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