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Talavera Pottery Gifts for the Fam!

It was hard to choose! And even now I'm second guessing my choice! I need to study this pottery, and really check back stamps.

Authentic Talavera comes only from Puebla, Mexico, and its nearby communities of Atlixco, Choula, and Tecali. Certified Talavera pieces bear the signature of the potter, and the logo of the workshop.

The Mexican Talavera Regulatory Council regulates the production of Talavera and restricts the use of the term to items produced within the designated zone of Puebla. There are only less than 20 certified workshops producing genuine Talavera.

Authentic Talavera can be costly as every piece is one of its kind and of excellent quality. Talavera inspired pieces can also be pricey, and may indeed be worth the cost; however, one needs to be extra careful to know what kind of Talavera is being purchased.

Thanks Jenny! Better be careful -- or you will inherit your mom's china obsession!


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