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Talavera Pottery at Casa Artesanal !

First, huge shout out to one of my dear readers who recommended this lovely place to me. Judith saw that I was looking for just the right Talavera Pottery, and she told me about Casa Artesanal in Norwalk. It's worth the drive from wherever you live in Los Angeles. AND for those not in Los Angeles, if you are looking for a particular piece of Talavera, you can call them and they can arrange to send you anything! And here's a secret...their prices are so reasonable! Plus they pack and wrap so carefully. I actually took home a few treasures in addition to the Piggy, and I will show them to you soon! Robert spoiled me!

Here's their address:

12031 Firestone Boulevard

Norwalk, CA 90650


And here's their website:

I loved visiting, talking to the owners, and supporting their small business. That was the absolute best part.


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